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Our Featured Brands

Learn more about the contact lens lines that we carry.

  • Acuvue
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • CooperVision
  • Alcon
  • Key Message for Patients
    • Precise fit for patients with presbyopia
    • The ONLY multifocal lens that addresses the natural variation in pupil size according to age and refractive power for a superior vision experience
    • Available in daily wear
  • Key Message for Patients
    • The Lens Your Eyes Would Choose™
    • Exceptional vision and performance
    • Superior, all-day comfort
    • Gentle on the eye
    • Sharper, brighter, clearer vision
    • Highest level of UV protection available in a daily disposable lens
    • Also available for Astigmatism
  • SMARTSHIELD® technology
    • Ultra-thin protective shield around the outer surface to minimize the amount of exposed silicone
    • Resists deposits from lipids
    • Helps the lens resist changes from everyday cosmetic product use, including hand creams and makeup
    HYGRAGLYDE® moisture matrix
    • A proprietary moisture technology for silicone hydrogel lenses
    • Attracts and retains lens surface moisture for a lasting moisture boost
    • Helps keep the lens surface hydrated
    • DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses combine two unique technologies that deliver outstanding comfort and visual performance. Water Gradient Technology SmarTears® Technology
    • TAKE A CLOSER LOOK I Biotrue ONEday for Myopia/Hyperopia. Biotrue ONEday has more moisture than any other contact lens. And, maintains nearly 100% of its moisture for a full 16 hours.
    • Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® for Astigmatism
      • 93% of patients agree this lens helps reduce halos and glare, even in low light.
      • 91 % feels comfortable throughout the day
      • 96 % provides comfortable vision, even when spending hours on digital devices
      • 95 % delivers clear vision when driving at night
    • The healthier way to whiter, brighter eyes for your nearsighted or farsighted vision. AT A GLANCE
      • Ease and convenience
      • Whiter, brighter eyes
      • Nearsighted and farsighted vision correction
      • Amazing affordability
      • Moisture means comfort
      • UV protection**
    • Premium soft contact lenses. Luxurious extended-wear comfort. AT A GLANCE
      • Monthly replacement
      • Lenses stay moist and comfortable
      • Naturally wettable so you're less likely to need additional wetting drops