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About Us

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As your chosen primary eye care professional, we have a huge responsibility. Not only is it our job to examine your eyes thoroughly, but in addition we make it our mission to provide you with the necessary tools that you need to maintain healthy eyes for life. How do we do this?


We want to know what concerns or problems you are having about your eyes and your vision – how you use your eyes and what risk factors may exist in your occupation or hobbies. We want to know what is important to you – how do YOU make decisions about your health? Are glasses, contacts or laser corrective surgery more appealing to you?


We use the best technology that helps us uncover any problems within your eyes. Our optometrists in in Barrie use up to two different methods to derive the most accurate glasses or contact lens prescription. Our doctors will evaluate your focusing, eye muscle coordination and eye health. We document with digital imaging of the retina for more accurate monitoring of ocular health.


What’s the best option for your eyes at work, at home and at play? What type of lens will perform the best for when YOU? What specifically do you ask of your eyes day in and day out that requires special treatment? Are there dietary supplements that you need to consider taking to keep your eyes healthy, comfortable and seeing the best? All these issues will be addressed and any questions you have will be answered by our Doctors at this stage of your visit.

We are committed to solving your current eye and vision care problems, and doing everything possible to prevent any from developing in the future.